Everything you do ties back to that brand message and mission that you set out in the first place because you can get lost along the way if you try to do too much
— Joanna Track, The Bullet

A brand is more than a logo. So, what do you need to build a compelling brand? In this episode of “The Go-To,” we discuss how bringing values, building relationships, and being authentic can positively influence your brand and affect your company’s longevity. Learn how to translate your mission into your branding with Miriam Alden, Founder, Creative Director, and CEO of Brunette Showroom, Brunette the Label, and the Babe List. Plus gain tangible tools and advice from Joanna Track, Founder and Executive Publisher of The Bullet and serial entrepreneur. Let your creative juices flow in this episode!

In this episode:

  • Miriam Alden shares how she launched a clothing line as a marketing campaign

  • Get a glimpse at how Brunette the Label and Brunette Showroom expanded through relationships

  • Joanna Track provides key online resources that all entrepreneurs can use to create a logo

  • Discover the considerations that are necessary when creating a brand

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Meet Our Guests

Miriam headshot.jpg

Miriam Alden, Founder, Creative Director, & CEO of Brunette Showroom, Brunette the Label, and The Babe List

Over the past 10 years, Miriam has built and self-financed both a wholesale showroom and a direct-to-consumer fashion label with international reach. Her brand, Brunette the Label, is sold in over 700 stores in Canada and the US and is quickly growing in Australia and Europe as well. Her popular and signature sweatshirt and product sayings, ‘Blonde’ and ‘Brunette,’ are trademarked in Canada and are in the final stages of registration in the US. Miriam has a mission to create a lifestyle of collaboration through her brand, and to change the meaning of the word “babe” to a source of positivity around self-love and kindness.

Miriam’s Go-To Resources:

Find Miriam on Instagram at @miriamalden and Brunette the Label at @brunettethelabel

Learn more about Brunette the Label and shop the newest collection at www.brunettethelabel.com and join the Babe List for the weekly mailer at www.babelist.com.

Jo Track.jpg

Joanna Track, Founder & Executive Publisher, The Bullet

Joanna Track is the founder and executive publisher of The Bullet, Canada’s digital destination for your quick shot of daily news

She is best known for her prior entrepreneurial pursuits, Sweetspot.ca and eLUXE, two of Canada’s most well known online destinations for women. Sweetspot.ca was the first of its kind in Canada and became the ultimate destination for women to stay in the know about trends and happenings in their city. In July 2006, Rogers Publishing recognized this success too and purchased a stake in the company, then acquired it wholly in 2010.

In addition to building her businesses, Joanna shares her experience with entrepreneurship, branding and publishing through numerous speaking and media engagements, as well as teaching Digital Marketing at York University.

Joanna’s Go-To Resources:

  • Canva - an online, user friendly graphic design tool

  • Looka - a online logo design + brand identity platform

  • Cross-promotion partnerships with like-minded companies

Subscribe to The Bullet for your daily shot of news and follow along on Instagram at @thebulletca.

“Umm... I Missed That”

Entrepreneurship is a world of its own, which means the some of the lingo used might get lost in translation. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are a few of the key terms you’ll hear on this episode of The Go-To and what they actually mean.

Traditional media - all forms of mass media that excludes digital and online marketing. This includes print advertisement, billboard advertisement, direct mail, and more. Think of it as marketing before the internet.

Social referrals - Total website traffic directly from social media channels.

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