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Mentor Program

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What is the Mentor Program?

The Mentor Program encourages women entrepreneurs to push their businesses to the next level and supports their growth by pairing them with experienced business leaders for 1:1 mentorship (one hour per month) for 12 months.

The applications are open year-round for the Mentor Program.

Who is the Mentor Program for?

The Mentor Program is open to women entrepreneurs across Canada of all industries, sizes, and stages, from start-ups to companies over $5M in revenues. We can pair you with someone in the same city, or from another province, depending on your mentorship preferences and business needs.

Program Highlights:

  • 2000+ Mentors & Mentees have been successfully paired since 2002

  • On average, 50% of pairs meet in person, while 50% meet remotely (ie. phone, video)

  • Mentors and Mentees are paired all across Canada

  • Bring Your Own Entrepreneur (BYOE) event hosted twice a year (Vancouver and Toronto) exclusively for Mentor Program participants.


Role of The Mentee:

A Mentee is willing to learn and to develop skills that will help them make good business decisions.


Lead the relationship, provide content and goals for you/your business to achieve, and manage the meetings with the Mentor.


Report to your Mentor, ask for their assistance, respect their time, and work hard.


Provide an agenda for each meeting. Include topics and documents you want to review with them.


Set up your meetings up to 2-3 months in advance and provide your Mentor with an update on your progress at each session.


Be clear about what you are looking to get out of this mentor relationship – how can your Mentor best help you?


Spots for October are currently filled.
Apply now to join the November intake.


Role of The Mentor:

A Mentor is an experienced leader who donates their time to provide feedback and ideas.


Use her/his experience to guide, ask questions, and provide perspective.


A Mentor is not meant to act as business coach, advisor, or someone who gives their professional services for free.


A Mentor can’t be asked on any occasion to provide proprietary knowledge of their own or other business(es), information/plan/strategy details of how they ran their own or other business(es), unless this information is voluntarily offered by the Mentor.


The program commitment is 1 hour per month and on one or more occasions, Mentors may offer to meet for longer depending on their current capacity.


We are always looking for great Mentors to join our program.

If we can’t find you a fit right away - don’t worry! We will keep you in our pool of mentors for when the right match comes along.


I want to be a Mentee!

How does it work?

Each month, a limited number of spots are released and filled based on a first come, first served basis. However, if you apply once all the spots are filled, your name will be rolled over to the next month or when the right match comes along. Fill out the application form, complete payment and then our team will reach out with next steps!

How much does this cost?

  • $280 for new pairings

  • $170 for returning pairs (Mentee returning with same Mentor from previous year)

This fee covers the cost of administering the Mentor Program and allows us to find you the best possible mentor!

Once you’ve completed the application form, please complete payment through the link below. We’ll start working on your pairing once you have paid!




This is my first mentorship experience. What would be the first thing to do? . . .

Don’t worry! When you are introduced to your Mentor by email, you'll receive the Mentor Program guide to help get you started and ready for your first Mentor meeting!

What if I feel this mentor relationship is not a good fit? . . .

Every match is hand-picked based on your challenges + needs and a Mentor's areas of expertise. After your introductory meeting with your Mentor, if you don't feel like it's a good fit, please reach out to FWE at or 604-682-8115 as soon as possible. We will discuss the situation and can re-pair you depending on the circumstances in the first 2 months of the program.

What if I’m not able to reach my Mentor/Mentee, after trying several times (i.e. at least 2 emails and 1 phone call)? . . .

You can communicate with the FWE team at or 604-682-8115 and let them know what the issue is. FWE will either resolve the issue or assign you to another Mentor/Mentee, depending on circumstances.

What is the cancellation policy? . . .

In the case that a Mentee has completed the application form and paid their fee and a suitable Mentor is not found within 2 months after payment is received (or a special arrangement has been made with FWE), all program fees will be refunded. If a Mentee is unable to continue their relationship with their Mentor, and notifies FWE within 2 months of the introduction to their Mentor, FWE will refund 50% of the program fees. No refunds will be processed after those 2 months.

When can I start the mentor relationship? . . .

Every month we release a number of spots available so you can start at any time. Spots are available on a first come, first served basis. If spots are filled when you apply, your application will be rolled over to the next month. When you are ready for us, we are ready for you!

How long does the matching process take? . . .

We want to ensure that you are paired with the best possible Mentor which can sometimes take a bit of time. On average, it takes about 2-4 weeks (give or take) for the matching process, from application submission to connecting you with your Mentor! Don’t worry, you’ll hear from us throughout the matching process.

Are there opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs in the Mentor Program? . . .

Yes! We host free, networking events called BYOE – Bring Your Own Entrepreneur. These events are open to everyone in the Mentor Program including mentors and mentees. We host BYOE’s once a year in both Vancouver and Toronto. Stay tuned for upcoming event dates!

Is this the right program for me? . . .

Whether you've (literally) just launched your business and desperately need some guidance or have been operating your business for 20 years+ and are looking for a sounding board, this program is right for you. Still unsure? Give us a call at 604-682-8115 and we are happy to answer your questions!


Terms & Conditions

Please review the Mentor Program Terms & Conditions before you apply. You will need to agree to the terms on the application form.


Questions? We want to answer them! Contact Melodie Gingras, Mentor Program Manager, at or call us at 604-682-8115.

Thank you to our Event Partners for making our BYOE event possible!