Pitch for the Purse Educational Videos - Raising Capital

Our commitment to you through Pitch for the Purse is not only as a business competition but as an educational tool about pitching for investment.


Pitch Decks and Story Telling

Paulina Cameron, CEO, FWE and Ryan Heit, Co-Founder, Valhalla Private Capital discuss "What are the most important pieces of information investors want to see in my pitch deck?”

Beyond Bootstrapping - The Who and Why

Paulina Cameron, CEO, FWE and Tracey McVicar, Partner, CAI Capital Partners speak about when to look for further capital after bootstrapping and "What is the best sort of capital that works for me now?”

Fundraising First Steps

Paulina Cameron, CEO, FWE and Mike Volker, VANTEC Angels discuss when to begin raising capital, how to approach investors and "What do I need to keep in mind once I actually get a meeting!”

Presentation Perfection

Monica Murray, Acting CEO, FWE and Rya Berkelaar, Owner + Agency Director, Richard’s Models speak about the non-verbal fundamentals of your presentation.